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Make a Discovery at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

If you’re a marine biologist or just a lover of science, you’ve probably heard of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Our quaint, Cape Cod town is known for its amazing scientific discoveries, all thanks to WHOI. Before you dive into the discoveries that put our small town on the map and into the microscope of scientists all over the world, check out our complimentary Vacation Guide. It lists all the best places to go and sights to see during your time in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. 

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

WHOI is an independent oceanographic research institution. Scientists study a variety of ocean-related topics, including ocean life and climate change. Hundreds of researchers study oceans around the world on WHOI-operated ships and submarines.  

WHOI Discoveries

WHOI students and scientists contribute to many accomplishments in the marine biology field, including some of the most prominent ocean discoveries. WHOI is responsible for the discovery of hydrothermal vents, mineral-rich sea vents bursting with fascinating marine life! 

The institution was also involved in finding the sunken Titanic in 1985. When the research vessel returned to WHOI, thousands of media organizations flew from all over the world to Woods Hole to welcome the crew home. You’ll be able to learn more about the process of finding the Titanic through interactive exhibits.

Visit WHOI

You can learn all about WHOI’s research and discoveries by visiting the institution. Check out the Visitors Center and book a free summer walking tour of the dock area and restricted village facilities. Make sure you visit in July or August if you’re interested in going on the tour since they aren’t offered the rest of the year. 

Discovery Center at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Take a walk through the Discovery Center and explore fascinating exhibits. Step into a full-size model of one of the research submarines and learn about seafloor pressure. Then, learn about marine life by listening to whale and dolphin sound recordings, and meet the lesser-known creatures that live in hydrothermal events! 

The center has numerous ways for visitors to experience hands-on learning. Dive into the Splash Lab, which has educational activities for all ages and is open every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Or, interact with some of the scientists and engineers when you attend a “Know Your Ocean” science chat.

The educational fun doesn’t stop there. You can also watch a free movie with popcorn when you head over to the Redfield Auditorium. Then, stay for a science conversation relating to the movie topics!

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