New Rooms

Almost Done New Rooms Cape Cod

Making the perfect Cape Cod hotel is not for the faint of heart. As we at Treehouse Lodge approach our April open date (April 6, in case you are curious), the long laundry lists of “to-do’s” become slightly overwhelming.

But our new Canopy Deluxe rooms are finally coming together: Crisp new mattresses? Check. Awesome new lighting? Check. Microwaves? Check. New “green” pod coffee makers? Check. Amazing raw wood framed mirrors? Check. Soft new sheets, pillows and towels? Check. Check. Check.


We took some risks on this batch of five rooms, completed winter 2017-18. We heard from some customers that our excellent wifi was maybe not quite enough, so we added TV’s (in these Canopy Deluxe rooms only). We decided the couch should be extra comfy and appropriate for easy conversion to another bed, so we designed a case study platform that we hope is going to WOW you – and then we made them ourselves!


We heard from our business & science guests that a desk would be nice, so we found a way to tuck a mini work station into these rooms. We wanted to upgrade the heat and cooling systems (the originals were installed in the 1950’s so it was about time) so we added these sweet little mini splits that will allow you to control your room temperature to perfection.


How about artwork that will inspire a restful nights sleep and make you feel happy come morning? We looked far and wide for the right tone and think we have found something inspirational and authentic that we hope you will really like.

Woods Hole Colors

So much thought goes into the details of these Cape Cod hotel rooms, but they do not come alive until you are here to enjoy them. A spring night like tonight, with the peepers chirping from the marshes, we pause to admire the golden sun setting while a blue moon rises over the bay. A stroll through the village of Woods Hole is like a step back to a simpler time. Join us this season for the perfect Cape Cod getaway in Woods Hole.

 a simpler time.  Join us this season for the perfect Cape Cod getaway in Woods Hole.