Snow News

Snow News Winter 2019

Winter is here on Cape Cod and the big news so far is … it has mostly been too warm for snow. The photo above was taken last Tuesday Feb 12 when it snowed in Woods Hole for about three hours before turning to rain. Come morning, there was nothing but brown leaves and oyster shells.

The Cape is absolutely gorgeous when it snows, but with our proximity to Gulf Stream waters, it is relatively rare. Last week’s storm was the first snow of the season; by Saturday, it was 45 degrees and sunny, perfect weather to explore some of Falmouth’s lesser known shores and start dreaming about summer.


With over seventy beaches in Falmouth, winter is the only time to explore the private ones unless you are lucky enough to be an invited guest in the summertime.


Barrier beaches are riven with marshlands and streams, and if you are quiet you will see Great Blue Heron, fox with their cubs or swans circling icy waters with long necks seeking underwater grass.

Bare Tree

In the woods, the light refracts in new ways through bare trees and leaves rustle under your feet as you explore iconic destinations like Quissett Harbor’s iconic “Knob” or the deep quiet of over 300 acres of conservation lands called Beebe Woods.

Snow Wharf

Five days later, it started snowing again with these views come morning. Loving the grey blue in this image, and leading lines towards that sweet little houseboat moored in our landlocked harbor for winter safekeeping.

At this time of year, we stop dreaming of snow and start counting the days until summer. We hope to see you here at Treehouse Lodge this upcoming season.

Treehouse Lodge opens April 4, 2019 for the summer!