Explore Woods Hole Island Boat Tours!

Woods Hole Island Tours offers an unforgettable voyage through the enchanting waters, landscapes, and the captivating history of iconic surrounding islands, the Elizabeth Islands and Martha’s Vineyard. With experienced guides at the helm, passengers embark on a scenic adventure that reveals the region’s hidden treasures and rich maritime heritage. From the historic charm of Martha’s Vineyard to the rugged beauty of Penikese Island, each island stop provides a unique glimpse into coastal life. Whether marveling at majestic lighthouses, strolling along pristine beaches, or indulging in fresh seafood delights, every moment aboard with Captain Donny Estes and Co-Capt Stacy is filled with discovery and delight. With comfortable vessels and personalized service, Woods Hole Island Tours ensures an immersive and memorable exploration of these idyllic island escapes.

There are two ways to enjoy this scenic boat tour: There are private or custom tours that allow each passenger the opportunity to engage with the Captain, ask questions, and make special requests or special stops. This allows you to explore more! Click HERE to book your private tour. You may also join the sunset Happy Hour group cruise. Passengers can enjoy a quick casual sunset cruise around the Woods Hole Harbor. This tour is BYOB BYOF! Take me my Happy Hour sail!