best coffee shops near Falmouth

Enjoy These 4 Outstanding Coffee Shops Near Falmouth

Interviews, lengthy study sessions, casual dates – the coffee shop is a prime location for any of a number of meetings. However, the best local coffee shops find their worth not in their seating but their beverages’ quality. Following suit with the region’s renowned culinary culture, the best coffee shops near Falmouth are sure to wow you. Locally roasted beans, patiently prepared pour-overs, and welcoming atmospheres are just a few of the things native to the Cape Cod coffee scene. A trip to any of these local coffee shops will cure your chain store, over-roasted coffee addiction. For a complete list of the best local eateries on Cape Cod, request our free Vacation Guide and find out everything our wonderful region has to offer!

Where to Find the Best Coffee Shops Near Falmouth, MA

Coffee Obsession

If you’re searching for the best coffee shop near Falmouth, you’re in luck because Coffee Obsession serves more than just great coffee, and it’s just around the corner from Treehouse Lodge! The coffee served here comes in various roasts and flavors, and it even comes with an extra dose of local art! Many local artists take pride in displaying their art on the walls, and all community members can feel welcome while enjoying the crossroads between coffee, art, and creativity.

Pie in the Sky Bakery & Café

With a name as unique as Pie in the Sky Bakery & Café, it’s only fair to assume that the coffee is good. The short answer? It’s fantastic! This local favorite serves everything from the best coffee in Woods Hole to the best breakfast sammies. Plus, if you fall in love with their coffee roasts, you can even place a bulk order to enjoy at home!

Cape Cod Bagel Café

Cape Cod Bagel Café isn’t just a place to enjoy a cup of coffee but a solid local dining option as well. Offering breakfast, bagels, sandwiches, salads, soups, and more, you might even forget that you stopped in for coffee. So, be sure to order your cup of joe because their coffee alone is worth the trip!

The Black Dog Heights Café

A tour of Woods Hole’s best coffee shops would not be complete without visiting The Black Dog Heights Café. This Martha’s Vineyard-based coffee brand is a crowd favorite! The Falmouth location features tasty culinary creations, breakfast bowls, egg sandwiches, lunch specialties, pastries, and of course, coffee!

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